About Us

Shadle Park Boosters

We are a group of Shadle parent volunteers with a goal to raise funds for all activity groups and athletic teams associated with Shadle.  We request that each group/team appoints a parent to attend meetings and update us on their activity.  This way all groups have a voice and the Boosters stay current on all activities and events associated with the school.

Shadle Park High School Gets The Funds

We are a non profit 501c3 and every penny of the funds raised goes back to the students at Shadle Park.  To secure funds groups/teams fill out a request form that details what they will be using the money for.  We ask that for any requests over $200 that they do their research and secure three bids prior to presenting to the Boosters voting committee.  The voting committee is made up of the the executive committee (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) as well as seven at large Boosters.

2018 Shadle Park High School Booster Executive Committee

President: Dana Richardson – contact@shadleparkboosters.com

Vice President: Paul Hagen

Treasurer: Charles Robeson

Secretary: Kelli Jones

Craft Fair Chairman: Lori Mejias