Team and Activity Wish List

Additional  requests will be added regularly.


  1. Beam mat – CLM7-1/2×15-1/2 firm V2 12cm, $ 1600.00 – In effort to provide the most safe environment during competition and training, we would like to add another beam mat to have what is needed. This way all mats will be leveled, velcro together and they wont slide during landings.
  2. New bars – they are about $3000.00. Our bars are 20 + years old. About 7 years ago, we purchased extenders to make them in compliance. Many teams still complained how outdated our bars are. In other words, they don’t spread enough apart for giants etc.


  1. New uniforms for new members  – $2000 – the cheerleaders pay for their own uniforms
  2. Rain Gear – $1000 – to keep the team dry during  the many outdoor events we support


  1. Shoot-a-Way Gun machine for boys & girls hoops – $6500.00 delivered

Band: In no particular order

  1. We need some new percussion equipment (a small marimba/xylophone) – $2500
  2. Miscellaneous percussion equipment ( new cymbals, small instruments, mallets, beaters, sticks, etc. ) – $1000
  3. Two new French horns – $3500 – $4000
  4. A new bassoon – $3000
  5. New marching snare drums (4) – $1000
  6. Help for the bagpipe band – $2000
  7. A renewable fund to assist needy students with lessons or even to rent or purchase an instrument – $2500
  8. New mouthpieces for school owned brass instruments – $1500
  9. Sets of strings for school owned string instruments – $1500
  10. A new drum set for jazz band – $2500


  1. Purchase and have designed/maintained a first class Shadle Park Athletics Website:  All information about each SP sports program could be updated.  This could be huge for parents, but also could keep future/potential athletes feeling Shadle Park is a great place to play for!
  2. Coaching Clinics:  Staffs benefit greatly from new ideas taught by high school and college minds.  Each of these has a cost, and many are on the other side of the state and/or the Portland Area.  Unlike some school districts Spokane Schools does not pay for these
  3. Game and Practice Footballs  – at the end of the season we are always short on balls as they pop from use or weather changes. Plus once leather footballs get soaked, they are unusable for most anything
  4. Chutes — The Larger mobility chutes greatly assist linemen and running backs, but because of expense, we often do not even look to purchase them 
  5. T-Shirts: As we encourage weight lifting/fitness to build the program, the ability to have t-shirts for some students would be a huge asset and motivator for our athletes.


  1. Choir Folder Storage cabinet $1,369 – 80 slots for music- well over enough for our program. Holds choir folders and materials. Our current storage system does not hold folders- only loose papers.  With a folder storage system, students will be able to keep their music, sight reading, and music theory materials all in one black binder. Currently, our system does not hold black folders. Because of this, students often mis-place their music and handouts throughout the year which leads to a decrease in learning. A proper folder system would allow students to safely secure their music in the classroom so that they may have undeterred  access to it during their class period.

 Volleyball: Thanks for allowing us to dream

  1. Vertimax V8 – $3195.00 – This can train 5 athletes at a time and works on jump training and agility/speed training.  Many of my athletes have used this at Rockwood or UDistrict and it would be great to have one and be able to improve in these areas each season and off season.  
  2. Spike stand with ball rack.  2 or 3 @ 459.10 – This will allow for coaches to stand on safely and be above the net to work on hitting into defense.  Currently we use several aerobic boxes that are not very stable and have almost caused an accident.   
  3. Bungee Blocker – 2 @ 87.50 – This can simulate a block so the teams can work on covering
  4. Spike trainer – $83.35 – This is a great tool for younger players to work on hitting
  5.  Power systems power jumper – 3 @ 79.95 – This is a great resistant band for jump training
  6. 2- agility ladders
  7.  50 jump ropes

Girls Golf: 

  1. 6 – Golf PUSH CARTS…CADDYTEK EZ Push Cart – $1,139 
  2. Indoor Putting Green 4 X 14 Dual Mat – $159

Track and Field:

  1. To build or buy secure storage for the pits. We really have a difficult time regarding vandalism due to accessibility through the significant use of our track by the community and the proximity to the park. Other schools have higher fences that are locked when the track is not in use (NC, Rogers and Hart Field). Our track is always accessible to the public which brings challenging circumstances.

Girls Cross Country

  1. 1 Tarp/Tent that says “Shadle Park Highlanders Cross Country” printed on it
  2. 2 Firm/Hard Foam rollers
  3. 5 pairs of distance spike shoes – girls sizes 6, 7, 8, 9
  4. 15 Resistance Bands (in 2 different weights)
  5. 20 new wind/water repellent warm-up jackets 

Boys Golf

  1. 4 indoor practice mats $1400
  2. 2 Range Finders $600
  3. 10 Shadle Rain Jackets $1100


1.  Each year, each DECA member is responsible for paying $20 dues that covers their membership in our Area 11, Washington State and National DECA organizations.  This fee comes at the beginning of the year and is becoming more challenging for a larger number of students to pay.  This year we had 74 competitive DECA members who paid the $20 dues and as always each year I find different ways to help those who can’t pay this fee.  One way to support our club would be to fund the membership dues for all marketing students which could be a total from $1800-2000.

2.  Another option would be to help us with equipment that would be part of a sustainable business  that would allow our School Based Enterprise to add and that would be the apparel production.  Both Central Valley High School and Ferris High School have added this to their student stores in the last couple of years.  They both have purchased the tshirt presses at a cost of about $2000 and the vinyl/printer cutters at an additional cost of about $2000.  In addition, they used about $500-$1000 for a start up inventory of tshirts and sweatshirts.  Their school stores have then made athletic team wear, club wear, and school spirit wear.  Because it is a press and not screened the cost is a little less and items can be personalized very easily.  These equipment purchases have allowed them to create a different profit center other than just snacks and beverages and it has also helped them sell affordable spirit wear to their school community. $5,000 total