Bash On Ash

A Fundraiser Party for  Shadle Park Alumni, Friends, Family, Staff and Neighbors

Usually held at the old Amphitheater. 2024 Event will not be held.


If you are interested in leading and/or planning a future Bash on Ash event, please reach out to the Shadle Park Boosters via email,

After much consideration, our Bash on Ash event committee and Shadle Park Booster Board has regretfully decided to not hold the Bash On Ash Event.

We are cancelling due to increased safety concerns with the growing homeless community living in the park not far from where the event is held.  Guests would be forced to walk thru their area which is littered with needles and drug paraphernalia.  Other events recently held at the park required police presence and we are just not comfortable with the risk this presents to our attendees and volunteers.



To celebrate, the Shadle Park Boosters would like to raise money to support the current and future Highlanders during their four years at Shadle Park. Our goal is to make sure that our students have the opportunity to compete on an even playing field with students from the other high schools in Spokane. The socioeconomic landscape in the Shadle area has changed over the last 60 years. Today, over 53% of Shadle students qualify for free and reduced lunch.

The Shadle Boosters raise money to pay for all SPHS activities/teams wants and needs that the School District does not cover.  To raise funds for the clubs and teams we are asking that alumni, former staff and friends of Shadle donate additional funds (tax deductible) to assist in our mission.


  1. Want to volunteer to help setup Friday morning or assist during the event?  Email your request to
  2. Want to be an event sponsor?  Email
  3. Tables and chairs will be plentiful but feel free to bring a lawn chair to guarantee a seat.
  4. We encourage you to bring old photos, gear, memorabilia and yearbooks to share.


Shadle Park Boosters Fundraiser Events – Cancellation Policy: If the event(s) or any part thereof is prevented from being held, is canceled by The Shadle Park Boosters, or the exhibit space applied for herein becomes unavailable because of war, fire, strike, government regulations, facility construction, public catastrophe, acts of God, acts of terrorism, the public enemy or any other cause, The Boosters shall determine if refunds, if any, which remains after deducting expenses incurred by The Boosters are available. In no case shall the amount of refund to any one exhibitor exceed the amount of the exhibit fee paid. Cancellation by Exhibitor or Attendee shall not result in a refund, credit or transfer of exhibit space.